Merewether Clock Tower

It was raised by public subscription as a memorial for Sir William Lockyer Merewether, who served as Commissioner of Sindh from 1867 to 1877.

Designed by James Strachan, the Municipal Engineer, the foundation stone was laid by the Governor of Bombay, Sir James Fergusson in 1884. It was constructed in 1886 and is now located at the intersection of M.A. Jinnah Road and I.I. Chundrigar Road. It was formally opened to the public in 1892 by the Commissioner in Sind, Sir Evan James.

The Tower stands on a base of 44 feet square and rises to a height of 102 feet. Floor area 44m (144 ft). The clocks are 70 feet from the ground where each of the clock’s four faces is seven feet in diameter.

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